An Excerpt from My eBook

Freelancing on the Road:
A Digital Nomad Guide


Digital nomad is a term that seems to have come out of nowhere, even to me, and I am a digital
nomad. The digital revolution, which has changed almost every aspect of our lives in a rather
short time, has changed the way we travel and the way we work. At its most basic, digital
nomadism is the marriage of digital work and travel. And thanks to the information side of
the digital revolution, there is a wealth of resources available (as well as package deals and
other schemes) to help you get your very own #digitalnomadlife.

But this book is not selling a lifestyle or a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, this book isn’t even
likely to generate passive income for me (and passive income is the digital nomad unicorn).
No, this book is simply filling a gap. You see, thanks to the digital revolution, the freelance
editor is quite possibly the perfect digital nomad, only the rest of the digital nomad
community doesn’t seem to know it. So the digital nomad community and all of its resources
and skill shares and masterminds and incubators and retreats rarely address the needs or
sensibilities of editors (or other freelance editorial service providers like writers and indexers,

This book, written by a freelance editor and writer, is intended to fill that gap. I became a
digital nomad before I had even heard the term. I just wanted to travel. I had money saved
for travel, but I didn’t want to stop working, mostly because I was afraid my clients wouldn’t
need me when I returned. My solution was to do both: work and travel. And five years later, I
wrote this book.

Chapter 1 introduces you to the digital nomad world from the perspective of an editor. In
Chapter 2, I outline the things a freelance editor must do to become a digital nomad. Chapter
3 explores what life is like for a digital nomad freelance editor and Chapter 4 describes some
of the nuts and bolts topics that usually come up in a digital nomad Q&A.

Of course, one side effect of the digital revolution is that things are always changing: as
Heraclitus taught, no one steps in the same river twice. So this book is NOT a “How To” in
the traditional sense. Instead, it outlines more general issues and concerns and provides
advice and suggestions from a more general perspective—the specifics will depend on who
you are, where you are, and when you are. Nevertheless, My Mileage boxes share my own
personal experiences throughout the book. Always remember that your mileage may vary.

Freelancing on the Road: A Digital Nomad Guide for Editors publishes October 1 on Amazon Kindle