Co-Working Versus Cafés

Considering the Café Calorie Bomb

I’ve written before about the on-going nomad debate: Co-working or “Café Bureau.” In a post on, I compared the price tag of working in a coworking space versus a café in 5 popular digital nomad destinations. From the perspective of value, the options are fairly equal in some parts of the world, and in others there’s a clear winner.

Coworking spaces have fees that can seem high, but if you’re going to sit all day in a café and you aren’t an entitled jerk, you must spend money. Upstanding nomads will argue that you are obligated to make a purchase every few hours. This may mean moving from one café to another, but if you put in a 4- to 8-hour day, you’re looking at more than one or two items.

However, a true analysis of this debate must consider all parts of the cost-benefits equation; your well-being is affected by more than the amount of cash in your pocket.

Writing Round-Up: A Year of Not Blogging

So, I’m probably the worst travel blogger in bloggerdom. I’ve been writing in this blog for 6 years, but months and months pass by without a peep. And yet, that’s usually a good sign—it means I’m keeping busy; it does not mean I’m not writing.

An Excerpt from My eBook

Freelancing on the Road:
A Digital Nomad Guide


Digital nomad is a term that seems to have come out of nowhere, even to me, and I am a digital nomad. The digital revolution, which has changed almost every aspect of our lives in a rather short time, has changed the way we travel and the way we work. At its most basic, digital nomadism is the marriage of digital work and travel. And thanks to the information side of the digital revolution, there is a wealth of resources available (as well as package deals and other schemes) to help you get your very own #digitalnomadlife.

iPad and notebook on driftwood table on Thai beach

Coming Soon! My New Digital Nomad eBook

Freelancing on the Road

A Digital Nomad Guide for Editors

So, I wrote a book. And I don’t mean one of the dozens of books I write for hire. Nope, I actually cooked up the idea and wrote it for myself.

A sunset selfie on the beach in Valencia, Spain. May 2017

My Digital Nomad Anniversary: Change for the Better

Five years ago today, I boarded a flight to Reykjavik with far too much stuff and a computer. From there, I went to London and then on to Thailand, Macau, Singapore, China, Cambodia, India, Dubai, Spain, France, and Italy. Later my travels would take me back to Asia and Europe, onwards to South America and Central America, and of course, to many destinations in the United States and Canada—sometimes with my computer, sometimes without.