One Photo!

The Children of Roopangarh

On my Intrepid tour of Rajasthan I stayed at Roopangarh Fort, the former palace of the Maharaj of Kishangarh. The hotel was a highlight of the tour, partly because it included a dress up session and dance party.

But our stay also included a tour of Roopangarh village, with special visits to the various craftsmen and women, including the carpenter, the women who run the ribbon-making looms, and a marble carver who made the most tempting mortars and pestles. But the most memorable part of the tour were the children of the village who, shy at first, soon followed us around, demanding that we take their picture and show them the result.

3 ½ Days in Wales

During the whirlwind of London 2012 excitement, I did manage to get out of the city to do a little touring. After my volleyball and fencing events were over, I jumped on a Megabus to Cardiff for a little taste of Wales.