Zero Visibility

Clearing the Fog at
Bagdogra AND Delhi Airports

When the Jet Airways flight to Bagdogra was cancelled, and my own Air India flight was delayed, I didn’t have high hopes that I’d be enjoying dinner in the charming colonial dining room of the Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling. No big deal, I’m not in a rush, I can adapt.

Of course, what I didn’t anticipate (which, thinking back, I really should have) was what a disaster a flight cancellation might be for the uninitiated and linguistically impaired in an Indian airport.

Day 150

One hundred and fifty days. It’s a big number, to be sure. Put another way, it’s five months. When you say it out loud—as I have over the last few days in idle hostel chit-chat—it sounds rather impressive.

Walking in Phnom Penh, Part Two

Continued from part one.

As I walked the streets of Phnom Penh this past month, I often thought about the Western news media reports Obama’s visit to Cambodia for the ASEAN Summit was rocky. The U.S. isn’t in Cambodia’s cheering section at the moment. Cambodia isn’t on the verge of reform like Myanmar, and the President made it clear he would not have come if it hadn’t been for the ASEAN summit.

Walking in Phnom Penh, Part One

As a life-long city dweller, my go-to is walking. I get to know a place by walking around it. And I did a little walking while I was in Phnom Penh, which— as anyone who’s spent any time in a Southeast Asian city will tell you—is not an easy thing to do.

6 Tips for Surviving China

Travelling in China isn’t easy. The English-language infrastructure is growing, but the majority of Western tourists still travel on organized tours. However, even with a tour leader to guide the way, there are some little things you can do to make your trip a bit easier.