Rachel Stuckey



Words have meaning, and professional writers create text that is meaningful. My clients value my ability to put their words together clearly and concisely. As a writer-for-hire, I emphasize plain language and hit the right tone and level for my client’s audience. With thoughtful organization, precise word choice, straightforward syntax, and a focus on storytelling, I create effective content for a wide variety of purposes. The writing process begins with planning and research, followed by drafting and rewriting—and I can add value to your project at any of these stages.

Rachel StuckeyRachel Stuckey The Nomadic Editor


Editing begins with organization, follows with style and consistency, and ends with precision. But editing also includes process, packaging, and management. Every project can benefit from a professional editor’s touch. My clients value my experience as both an editor of words and an editor of content. I can bring editorial best practices and problem-solving skills to the development and production of your content in both print and digital environments. With an attention to detail and an understanding of the big picture, I will add value to your editorial project at any stage.

“If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.”




My writing skills are at their best when I combine writing-to-spec with research and creativity. I write a variety of content for a diverse group of clients: books for young readers, web content, instructional guides, webinars, online courses, reports, feature articles, travel content, revision, and rewrites.


Freelancing may seem like a solitary existence, but I do get the opportunity to use my management skills both in a professional and volunteer capacity. I have managed editorial projects, the production process, content management, committee work, executive boards, staff writers, and volunteer teams.


Fixing things is at the heart of any editorial task, from copy editing and proofreading, to the development and production of content. My clients call on me to “fix” a wide range of problems and products, including textbooks, online courses and learning materials, digital content, ebooks, websites, scholarly papers, books for young readers, reports, and catalogues.


I often have the opportunity to share my experience as an editor and writer as a teacher, consultant, or speaker. I present and consult on the following topics: freelancing, digital nomads, editorial best practices, digital workflow, publishing process, educational publishing, instructor resources, instructional design, and writing.