One Month to Departure!

Today is June 20, 2012. Exactly one month until I take off from YYZ to begin an adventure precipitated by my “third-life crisis” (I much prefer the term “tertiary-life crisis,” but that would mean I’m in my sixties, which I’m not). In case you haven’t heard, my upcoming adventure is a trip around the world. I’m not much of an off-the-beaten-path kind of traveller—for me the adventure comes from leaving with no fixed itinerary and no predetermined return date.

Eighteen-plus months ago—when I first decided that since things were going nowhere, I had better go somewhere—the adventure didn’t seem real. So, I started telling the people in my life. (Which also triggered social pressure—if everyone knew, I couldn’t back down). But even as my plans became common knowledge, they were still just daydreams.

It only started to feel real when I moved out of my house-proper and into the basement apartment in November, even more so in December when I bought tickets to the London Games, and much more in January when I bought my first plane ticket.

Ticking things off my To Do List also helped: buying more plane tickets; going to the dentist, the doctor, the travel clinic; getting insurance; setting up this blog; riding Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland.

But until today, and despite my growing credit card bill, it still seemed theoretical.

Now I have exactly 30 days to pack up my apartment (where will all the stuff go?), supervise some home renos, finish up a ton of editing work (and get the invoices paid!), hem some pants, and get my visa for China.

I’ve got one week to “keep, toss, sell” and move my gear out of the basement so that I can welcome Bill the master plumber and his crew. They’ll be turning my $7000 toilet into a $12,000 toilet (like an iceberg, all the action has is below sea level). And this must be done in time for Jon to come and fix everything else. And then BMac and I gotta paint! All this while showing the apartment to potential tenants.

Then there’s work—tons to do over these next few weeks and after my departure. You ‘member what Robbie Burns wrote about the best-laid plans of mice and men? Well, a few of my projects that should have been completed by now press on (deadlines seem to be fuzzy things in some circles).

But that’s okay, because I’m The Nomadic Editor. . .have laptop, will travel.