My Life as a Nomad Begins

I’m now just 18 days to departure. But I’m feeling pretty good about it (mentally, not physically). I’ve managed to vacate my apartment, with the help of loyal friends, my brother, and my dad’s mini-van. Five years ago, I vowed that I was far too old to be moving myself anymore—but the strange nature of my move made it difficult to hire professionals (it’s been going on in dribs and drabs for months). I had meant to write this post on Canada Day, but I was still moving—exhausted, and physically wrecked, but feeling free for the first time in months. And on the Canada Day holiday I had trouble finding the time to write between my naps.

Now I can focus the next 18 days on really getting ready for my departure. I’ve been preparing for this trip in my own way for months (I have a fear of being overwhelmed with tasks and this usually saves me from the procrastination trap). But, unlike many bloggers who are planning an RTW trip, I haven’t been blogging about it.

It’s not because I’m not a writer (I am a writer, damn it!). It’s more because I’m an editor, and I don’t like to waste words. Frankly, none of my preparations thus far have been that interesting. And, I’ve been far too busy just getting myself sorted and dealing with work etc., to entertain my public with stories about which backpack I bought or the process of deciding between Tilly’s or Ex Officio underwear (I have some of both).

But the real reason I haven’t blogged about the last few months is that I’m an intensely private person—despite my two degrees in writing, I rarely write anything with my name on it, or that expresses my own perspective. I just don’t like to “put myself out there.” I’ve always been a behind-the-scenes kinda gal, which is why editing has been my comfort zone for the last decade or so.

But, behind-the-scenes no longer—the blogging bandwagon has been boarded.

In the next 18 days, I’ll be checking in on renos, altering some clothes, trying to pare down the stuff that didn’t go into storage, saying goodbye, making a list and checking it twice, printing all the docs I need, and getting my China visa.

Some of this might prove interesting and worth sharing. But if not, you’ll hear from me again after my whirlwind of a visit to Iceland (during which I will be touring the INSIDE of a VOLCANO!). My true trial-by-fire will be the 2012 Olympic Games in London, where I’m going to try my hand at blogging for Travel + Escape.

So, a Happy Belated Canada Day to you all!

And to my friends and family south of the border, Happy 4th of July—please try not to melt this Independence Day.