Toto, We’re Not in Shoreditch Anymore

I left London on a quiet Tuesday morning, the day after the busiest day ever at Heathrow (with the entire Olympic family leaving the city). My driver said he had gladly had the day off!

After 30 or so hours, door-to-door, I arrived in Surat Thani, Thailand, to stay with my friends C&C. It was a long trip, through Mumbai, India, and Bangkok, Thailand. There were ups (like the massage in BKK) and downs (like sitting next to a very large—like rugby-playing large—teenage boy on my red-eye to BKK).

Surat Thani is an interesting place, not a tourist city, and pretty darn hot. Luckily I have my friends to help me ease in, and they have a large network of fellow “farang”—the other English teachers in town, who make up the large majority of Westerners here.

I have much to catch up on—including some posts I’d like to write about London and Wales. But paid work, and trips to the beach (not always in that order), must come first. And, best to process the culture shock a little before I start writing in detail about Thailand.

Stay tuned!