Long Time, No Read

Has it really been almost 2 years? What have I been up to?
Well, not travelling (that much). The fall of 2014 brought a new adventure—condo ownership. And condo ownership demanded a moratorium on travel as I replenished the coffers. That moratorium lasted just 6 months, until I agreed to join Tammy Burns on her trip to Peru in September. The trip was after the end of the moratorium (by 3 weeks), but required an upfront payment—so moratorium technically blown!

Peru was simultaneously awesome and horrid, with altitude sickness punching me in the gut. I have my memories and my regrets. On any given day, one can overtake the other. But it was, all-things-considered, a great trip. It inspired some new plans, and it reminded me that I’m one tough cookie, even when I can’t breathe, or sleep, or digest. My spirit always recovers (which is not something I would have said back in July 2012, before I left on my first jaunt around the world).

Three dozen colourful macaws on a clay cliff in the Amazon near Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

Seeing the macaws in the Amazon = awesome. Sitting and waiting in the heat (with no toilet) = horrid.


Tour group photo with Machu Picchu in the background.

Quitting the trail because, altitude = horrid. Re-joining the group at Machu Picchu = awesome.


March of this year found me in Thailand, again (more on that later), just 6 months after Peru. I just can’t seem to stay quietly at home. So I’ve concluded that once again, it’s time to pull up stakes for an extended trip. My flight to India in January is already booked. Jaipur Literature Festival, Mumbai, Kerala Backwaters, Pondy, Mysore, Snooty Oooty, here I come!

Where I head after a month in India is still to be determined, but I won’t be rushing home. I expect at least 6 months of Digital Nomading. Suggestions are welcome, as are inquiries regarding a 6-month sublet of my Toronto condo. (Special rates for fellow travellers, editors, and writers!)

From now until January, I’ll keep my spirits up with my upcoming trip to Vancouver for the Editors Canada 2016 Conference and the PWAC Conference and AGM, a week on Georgian Bay in July, and a week in Moab, Utah, this fall. I’ll also be working on personal projects and anything anyone will pay me for.

Well, almost anything.

Watch this space!