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Coming Soon! My New Digital Nomad eBook

Freelancing on the Road

A Digital Nomad Guide for Editors

So, I wrote a book. And I don’t mean one of the dozens of books I write for hire. Nope, I actually cooked up the idea and wrote it for myself.

It’s called Freelancing on the Road: A Digital Nomad Guide for Editors. And it’s about freelancing on the road and being a digital nomad editor. (Apparently, explicit titles are good for search engines!)

You see, after 5 years of freelancing on the road, I’ve literally witnessed the emergence of the digital nomad cultural phenomenon and the explosion of resources that tap into it. In the last year or two, it seems like the number of folks selling shovels in a gold rush has grown exponentially.

And yet, nobody’s selling shovels to editors. This just seems odd to me. We freelance editors are really the original digital nomads, even if the rest of the nomads don’t know it. We’ve been working remotely for decades, and now that our workspace has gone digital, going nomad seems like a no-brainer. It was a no-brainer for me. I packed up my office and hit the road way back in 2012 (which is like, eons ago in Millenial years) and I did it before I’d even heard the term “digital nomad.”

But in truth, it’s not a no-brainer. Probably because we editors are a careful, conservative bunch—risk averse and keen to put and keep all ducks in rows. We aren’t the highest-earning creative service providers out there either, so managing our monthly income is a concern. And because we know how the sausage gets made, we’re not easily swayed by internet rhetoric and clickbait.

It’s never been easier to work remotely—access to and dependence on the internet for work has finally become the norm. But technical concerns aside, there’s still a big leap, one that can’t be made just by reading “break-free of the cubicle” articles and blog posts.

If you’re considering making the leap, or perhaps just curious about your options, Freelancing on the Road can help. It will tell you all about these digital nomads, what it takes to become one when you’re an editor, and what it’s like to be a nomadic editor like me.

I’m in the final stages of DIY production, and if life doesn’t get in the way, the book will be available on Amazon Kindle in a few weeks’ time. For news about my publications and promotions, subscribe to my blog!

UPDATE: Freelancing on the Road: A Digital Nomad Guide for Editors is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com, or Amazon.ca if you prefer.

Freelancing on the Road: A Digital Nomad Guide for Editors