Writing Round-Up: A Year of Not Blogging

So, I’m probably the worst travel blogger in bloggerdom. I’ve been writing in this blog for 6 years, but months and months pass by without a peep. And yet, that’s usually a good sign—it means I’m keeping busy; it does not mean I’m not writing.

I published my first ebook this past October, which took a lot out of me, writing-wise. And while I haven’t been posting on this blog, I have been posting ‘round the web, here and there.

Last year I wrote about my stay at Sun and Co. in Javea, Spain—my first coliving experience. Enjoyed it so much, I’m going back this fall.

This past fall, I wrote a post for BoldFace: The official blog of Editors Toronto on the economic imperative for a digital nomad life. And I was interviewed for Editors Canada’s Active Voice on how I came to be a digital nomad.

I also spent a few months contributing to Remoters.net, writing about nuts and bolt topics like

To top it off, I wrote 2 new books for young readers, including:

Now, I do have a few posts hiding in the cobwebs, so I’ll do my blogger best to make this blog more bloggerific in future.