20 Things that Are Awesome about Thailand (Surat-style)

I’ve been here in Surat Thani for just under two weeks. Been working quite a bit, and no matter how hard I try, it takes me all day to do half a day’s work here. Life is slow, and inexpensive, and Thai people are so pleasant that I can see why it’s so easy for ex-pats to get lost here, never to return (and I’ve met several of them—both men and women). Here’s a list of things that have made my two weeks quite enjoyable.

Look for the Thai Fonzie

Finding my way in Surat Thani

I managed to make it to Muk Thani 1, Soi 1 on my own, with some instructions from C&C, and the knowledge that the local residents of Surat Thani aren’t interested in taking farang for a ride. It took a few minutes to secure a tuk-tuk for a price that wasn’t too far over the going rate. But shortly after you’ve left the “tourist zone” of the bus station, where island-goers transfer buses and get tuk-tuks to the ferry pier, you seems to quietly slide into Thai life, a life in which you can’t speak the language and certainly can’t read the street signs.

Toto, We’re Not in Shoreditch Anymore

I left London on a quiet Tuesday morning, the day after the busiest day ever at Heathrow (with the entire Olympic family leaving the city). My driver said he had gladly had the day off!