Saving for Long-Term Travel, Part One

Now that I’m back in North America, I get a lot of questions, both from close friends and random folks like the girl at the AT&T store, about how I afforded the last 10 months of travel. Did I earn enough money from my freelance work to support myself? I did work ,and I did earn more money than I expected I would in the third and fourth quarters of 2012, but I also spent a lot more than I earned. I earned next to nothing in the first quarter of 2013 and I’m earning slightly more than next to nothing in the ongoing second quarter. (It’s been a relaxing few months!)

My Location-Independent Office

I’ve always been a big-desk person. Ever since high school, when I rejected the little girl’s desk in my bedroom for the lure of the dining room table, I’ve preferred to work on a large space. I also like lots of legroom. While my legs are pretty short, I’m a leg fidget. . . I poke them out in different directions, sit on them, prop them up—all difficult to do under a traditional desk. I also like having all my books, and notebooks, and various accoutrements at arms’ reach.

One Month to Departure!

Today is June 20, 2012. Exactly one month until I take off from YYZ to begin an adventure precipitated by my “third-life crisis” (I much prefer the term “tertiary-life crisis,” but that would mean I’m in my sixties, which I’m not). In case you haven’t heard, my upcoming adventure is a trip around the world. I’m not much of an off-the-beaten-path kind of traveller—for me the adventure comes from leaving with no fixed itinerary and no predetermined return date.