Safe Solo Travel Can Come at a Price

How I Hated Being Safe in India

A woman was just raped. And by the time you finish reading this post, at least (at the very least) five more women in this world will have been raped.*

To Scoot or Not to Scoot

Scooters and the Solo Traveller

Motorbikes are the dominant mode of transport in much of the world. People outside North America have long understood their value in terms of costs and practicality. Cars are certainly on the rise all over the world, even in places where they serve very little practical purpose, but motorbikes are still king. For travellers, especially solo travellers, the automatic motorbike—also known as a scooter or moped—can be a great way to really see and experience a place.

How to Be Safe on a Scooter

At first thought, riding a scooter seems like a dangerous thing to do, especially if you have no experience on a motorbike. But, in many parts of the world, travelling on the roads is dangerous in and of itself. The benefit of a scooter is that you are in command—you can take measures to increase your safety, which is something you can’t do when someone else is at the wheel. Here are some tips for keeping safe while on a scooter, no matter where you are.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

An Indian Odyssey

It’s hard to package two months in India into one blog post—but I’m going to try.

At our final dinner together, our Intrepid tour leader asked us to sum up our experiences in a word. My summary of India was mystical, and my favourite part of the experience was transport.

That was three weeks in. Five weeks later, those words still held true. India is the most mystical place I’ve been, and every time I try to conjure up my “favourite” part, I usually come back to transport. I crisscrossed the subcontinent on domestic flights (mostly uneventful) and trains (best forgotten), but it was the other forms of transport that left the greatest impressions. And so, I’ve decided to package my Indian experience with a round up of my most interesting modes of transport.